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Setting Up Outlook 2016 for Email Box Service

This article describes how to set up Outlook 2016 of an Email Box service.

If you are having trouble setting up Outlook, verify your username and password are correct via the webmail (refer to Access Webmail instructions).


  1. Open your Outlook email client and click File

  2. Click on the Add Account button 

  3. Check the box next to Let me set up my account manually and click Connect

  4. Click the button for IMAP

  5. Fill in the following settings and then click Next

    Incoming Mail Servermail.mailspot.infoPort: 993
    Encryption methodSSL/TLS
    Outgoing Mail Servermail.mailspot.infoPort: 465
    Encryption methodSSL/TLS

  6. Enter your Password and click Connect

  7. Click the Done button to complete

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