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Google Workspace Transfer In Token Info

Whether you made an account with Google directly or went through another reseller, you can transfer your Google Workspace service to 101domain for easy management and consolidation.


  1. Sign into your Google Workspace account
  2. Click on the Users button and note the total count of users. You can consider deleting old users before transferring your service.
  3. Return to the previous page and click on the Billing button. Verify which version of Google Workspace you have, such as Business Starter, Business Standard, or Enterprise Plus (more info).
  4. Retrieve your transfer token. Refer to instructionsIf prompted for a reseller ID or Public Identifier, please enter C00ts6u6o.
  5. Save your transfer token in a document and then return to 101domain to purchase the appropriate number of users and edition of Google Workspace (i.e. Business Starter, Business Standard, or Enterprise Plus). If you already purchased Google Workspace, locate your service within the Websites, Email & Security tab and enter your transfer token. For further assistance, please contact our support team and provide your transfer token. Our support team will attempt to transfer in your Google Workspace account.

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