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Migrate your Mail to Google Workspace

How to use the Google Workspace data migration tool


  1. Click on Data migration in your Google Admin account

  2. Click Set Data Migration Up

  3. A new page will open called Configure Data Migration Service. Under Migration Source, select Other IMAP Server

  4. Under Select the type of items to migrate from your source server, select Email

  5. Under Connect Protocol, select IMAP. Input the IMAP server address, for example,

  6. Under Role Account, enter the email address (Username) and password for your existing email service

  7. Click Start

  8. A new page will open. Here you can choose your migration start date from the past 1 year, past 6 months, past 3 months, past 1 month, or a custom date

    If you would like to migrate all of your mail, select Custom Date and choose a date in the distant past like 01/01/2000

  9. Under migration options you can leave the default (all unchecked) to avoid migration junk mail, deleted mail, or customize the migration to exclude folders

  10. Click Select Users

  11. You may be prompted to log in to your Google Workspace account again

  12. Click Add user

  13. Enter the email address of your existing email service, the password for your existing email service, and the new Google Workspace email address you are migrating your mail to

  14. Click Start to begin your migration

  15. The migration will initialize. Once the mail migration is complete the status will display complete.

    Depending on the amount of data that is being migrated this can take 10 mins to several hours. To monitor a migration you can use this guide

  16. Once you are finished, you can exit the migration by clicking More and Exit migration

You may run the migration tool once more within 24 hours to retrieve any new messages that may have been sent to your old mailboxes.  You will continue to receive your mail at your existing email service until you update your DNS records.

To update your DNS records

  1. Go back into your 101domain account at

  2. Click on the Websites, Email & Security Tab

  3. Select your Google Workspace account

  4. Check the box, “Please replace my existing nameserver records with the nameserver records required for Google Workspace.”

  5. Click Confirm and our system will automatically update these records for you

If for some reason this option is not displayed, follow this guide to add the nameserver records required for Google Workspace to work properly.

For help updating your DNS records, see this help article.

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