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What is Web Forwarding

Included in the cost of the domain name, web forwarding allows you to point one or more domain names to an existing website.

 Use additional domain names to drive traffic to your primary website by redirecting via web forwarding one or more domain names to a single web address. Misspellings, alternate extensions, abbreviations, or keywords are all popular examples of different domain names pointing to the same website.

You will have two options:

  • Forwarding with masking allows the browser address bar to keep the domain name that was used.

  • Forwarding as 301/redirect shows the change in the browser address bar with the forwarded-to site's address. *most popular*

Especially with the introduction of hundreds of New Domain Names, web forwarding (also known as "Domain forwarding" or "URL forwarding") is a great tool to have.

Masked Forwarding allows the browser address bar to keep the domain name that was used, preventing visitors from seeing your forwarded-to domain name.

Setting up forwarding on a domain name

To forward a domain name which you have already registered with us, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Select the Domain Names tab.

  3. Select the domain name for which you would like to add web forwarding.

  4. Scroll down to the Web Forwarding section and click on Configure Web Forwarding.

  5. The Add/Update forwarding screen displays where there are 2 options available:

    • Cloaking Forwarding — forwards your domain name to another URL while keeping the original name in the browser location bar.

    • HTTP 301 Forwarding — forwards your domain name to another URL while changing the name to the forwarded-to URL in the browser location bar. *most popular*

  6. Select the Enable Web Forward radio button. Use the drop-down arrow to select either Cloaking Forwarding or HTTP 301 Forwarding, whichever is applicable to your situation.

  7. In the Redirect URL text box, type the URL to which you want the domain name to point ( 

  8. Click Okay to save your settings.
     NOTE: You can only set up URL forwarding for a domain using our default name servers.

Forwarding or Redirecting issues

If you domain is not resolving or redirecting, here are several possibilities why:

  • You haven't allowed sufficient time for your domain to propagate across the Internet. In some instances, but not generally, this may take as long as 48 hours.

  • You did not add your domain to a name server. In other words, no name servers are attached to your domain name.

  • You registered your name with another Registrar but you did not point the name servers to 101domain. You can do so by updating your DNS settings. See How do I modify my DNS records.

  • If you are forwarding your domain name, make sure you have set it up correctly.

  • If none of the above are the problem, please contact our Support Team or submit a Support Ticket.

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