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Secure Web Accelerator

Secure Web Accelerator (SWA) family of products dramatically increases security and performance for a domain along with web assets in the domain. By leveraging the Cloudflare® global network, the SWA family of products cost-effectively enhances a customer's online experience whether the customer is located halfway around the world or just around the corner from the webserver or origin server. Without a large capital outlay for dedicated load balancers, proxy servers, or firewalls, the SWA family of products offers all this at a fraction of the cost.

SWA family of products

  • SWA Basic - Secure Web Accelerator provides automatic DDoS protection and website acceleration. In most cases, 30% faster page loading is realized.

  • SWA Plus - Full access to the Cloudflare control panel or dashboard, Web Application Firewall (WAF) along with additional security features.

  • SWA Premium- Additional performance features like smart routing with Railgun™, 24/7/365 DDoS uptime, PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance, custom name servers or vanity name servers, additional custom WAF and page rules.

After enabling an SWA product for a domain, please refer to the following resource:

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