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Updating Your Account with an Organization

We strongly encourage you to identify the organization the account represents in addition to the person acting as the Account Owner, so the account and its services can be restored to the organization in the event of difficulty accessing or verifying the account in the future. Unless the account is opened for personal use, add a named individual and their organization. If your account's contact is currently listed as an individual and you would like to be update it to reflect your organization, follow these steps to make the update:

  1. Visit "My Account" at

  2. Select "Change Address" under the "Account" section.

  3. Under "Account", select "Change Address".

  4. After the first and last name entry fields, select "individual" and choose "organization" from the drop-down.

  5. Enter the name of your organization in the entry field to the right.

  6. Select "Submit".

Alternatively, you may open a support ticket, and our Support Team can assist you.

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