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Changing PHP Settings

This article describes how to change the PHP settings for your website.  This is the only way to change PHP settings in Plesk.  If the option or value does not exist in the PHP Selector, please open a support ticket for assistance.


  1. Login to your Plesk Panel and select PHP Selector in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Select Switch to PHP options in the right side of the window.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom left to view the settings you would like to change.


For most websites, we recommend the following settings









  • allow_url_fopen Allows PHP File functions to retrieve data from remote locations over FTP or HTTP. This option is a great security risk, thus do not turn it on without necessity.

  • display_errors Determines whether errors should be printed to the screen as part of the output or if they should not be shown to a user.

  • error_reporting The error reporting level.

  • file_uploads Allows uploading files over HTTP.

  • include path The list of directories where scripts look for files (similar to the system's PATH variable). To separate directories, use a colon (:).

  • log_errors Tells whether to log errors. By default, errors are logged in the server's error log. Use the error_log directive to specify the path to your own log file.

  • mail.force_extra_parameters Additional parameters for the mail() function used to send mail.

  • max_execution_time The maximum time in seconds a script is allowed to run before it is terminated.

  • max_input_time The maximum time in seconds a script is allowed to parse input data.

  • max_input_vars The maximum input var change.

  • memory_limit The maximum amount of memory in bytes a script is allowed to allocate.

  • open_basedir The list of directories used limit the files that can be opened by PHP. If the file is outside the specified directories, PHP scripts will refuse to open it.

  • post_max_size The maximum size in bytes of data that can be posted with the POST method.

  • session.save_path The directory where PHP writes session data (files).

  • short_open_tag Allows the short form of the PHP open tag.

  • upload_max_filesize The maximum size in bytes of an uploaded file.

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