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Account Verification for Account Security

At 101domain, we make security a top priority. We may request account verification if any information is missing or seems questionable or if there is a security concern with your account. If you choose to have your account verified, some benefits include:

  • Priority processing
  • Access to add funds to your account for future use
  • Ensuring that your orders are placed promptly without having to fuss with any billing issues at the time of placing your order

When you become a "Verified Client," your account information has been checked and confirmed as legitimate by our Trust & Safety team. This includes the account owner and billing account details. Our verification process helps to ensure the security of our services and helps to prevent fraud and abuse. So, you can rest assured that we're committed to providing all our clients with the highest level of service and security possible.

Before requesting verification, ensure your account information is fully entered, accurate, and up-to-date.


  1. If you are an organization, be sure to specify that
  2. Ensure your billing account is entered correctly
  3. Visit the support center to open your “General Inquiry” ticket and request account verification
  4. Our Trust & Safety team will review your account and verify your information

If any further action is required, they will contact you directly. Otherwise, you will be notified that your account has been successfully verified.

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