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Why is Secure Web Accelerator Status Still in Pending Status

There are several reasons for the Secure Web Accelerator (SWA) status to continue to display "Pending". The main reason for this is that the domain zone has not been validated. The domain zone is validated when the name server change has been verified. The following is a list of possible causes for name server changes to fail:

  • The domain name has not completed registration at the registry.

  • The domain name registration requires additional documents or information to complete.

  • The domain name has DNSSEC configured. To continue activation, please disable DNSSEC. After the SWA set-up is complete, you can reconfigure DNSSEC with the new zone.

  • The domain name registration is a manual process at the registry. Unlike .COM or .ORG some domain extension requires human involvement to complete a domain name registration.

  • The domain name has expired or has been suspended by the registry for nonpayment.

If after verifying that the domain is in the "Active" status and the SWA status is still in "Pending" status, please contact our support team for further assistance.

While SWA is still in the pending state, DNS resource may still be added or edited.

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