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How To Upload Custom SSL/TLS Certificate

SWA Premium enabled domains may upload custom SSL/TLS certificate to the Cloudflare® edge servers.

Types of custom TLS certificate that may be uploaded

  • DV, OV, or EV TLS Certificate

  • Wildcard TLS Certificate (*

  • Multi-domain or SAN TLS certificate (,

Custom SSL/TLS benefits

  • They are not shared by multiple customer domains.

  • You can serve valid, existing origin SSL/TLS certificates (like OV and EV) from the Cloudflare network.

  • When a user checks the SSL/TLS Certificate it will show your company information instead of the Cloudflare company information.

  • Convey trust to customers (this is particularly important for Banks, Insurance, and E-commerce websites).

To upload a “Custome SSL/TLS”, please refer to the Cloudflare detail knowledge base article.

Cloudflare does not permit uploading self-signed TLS certificates or certificates that expire within 14 days.

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