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How To Cancel Secure Web Accelerator (SWA)

Before canceling the Secure Web Accelerator (SWA) package for a domain, there are some considerations to be made:

  1. The name servers and DNS resource records have to be changed from the Cloudflare®  name servers to the name servers provided by your web hosting provider or registrar. If 101domain is the registrar and also the web hosting provider, then the name servers and DNS records are automatically transferred to our name servers.
  2. Disruption with the website, email, and other critical services may occur. This is due the time that is needed for DNS resource record to propagate to DNS servers around the world.
  3. Website performance dramatically degrades, features like DDoS and WAF protection are no longer available.

    If your website does not have the latest security patches or your web hosting provider allows connections using outdated TLS/SSL version, we suggest correcting these deficiencies prior to canceling.

After these considerations have been made and canceling SWA is the choice, then please follow the steps provided: 

  1. Log in to
  2. Select "Websites, Email & Security" from the main menu.
  3. Locate the domain name associated with the SWA package that you are canceling.
  4. In the "Actions" dropdown menu, select "Cancel" then complete the form provided.

For assistance with the cancellation process, please contact our support team.

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