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Enable SWA Image Optimization

SWA Plus and SWA Premium enabled domains may “Enable Image Optimization” to automatically reduce the image size of a website, in turn, reduce the time to load the images in a browser.

When images are not optimized, they utilize vast server resources and hinder website speed. The Image Optimization feature compresses your site’s images to deliver a faster experience for your web visitors. 

When should you use Image Optimization?

Image Optimization is a powerful tool for e-commerce websites that store a lot of images. The best part is that Cloudflare® will automatically do it for you.


  • Reduce the size of the images provided by your vendors 

  • Reduce the original image size of a small thumbnail on your website

  • Improve page load time

  • Improve image load time (showcasing different angles of the product)

Enable Image Optimization

  1. Log in to

  2. Select "Domain Names" from the main menu.

  3. Click on the domain name presented in the list or search for the domain name in the portfolio using the search field provided.

  4. In the CLOUDFLARE management box, click on the "Enable Image Optimization" toggle switch to turn it on.

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