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Adding Private Registration to Your Domain

WHOIS privacy allows for personal information to be redacted upon public WHOIS searches.  You decide whether or not to disclose your information. To enable Private Registration service for your domain name, you can either order it during the registration process of your domain name, or you can add it later at any time to a registered domain. After a successful activation of the domain, the Private Registration will be activated.

For an existing domain

  1. Login into your account.

  2. Select the Domain Names tab.

  3. Select the domain you wish to activate privacy for.

  4. Select Add next to Private Registration.

  5. Continue through checkout and purchase the service.

For a new domain

  1. In the cart, ensure the "Keep my personal information private." is checked.

  2. Continue through checkout and purchase your domain.

Private Registration may not be available for some domains. You can always deactivate or reactivate it with a simple click from inside your Account.

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