How do I start an online store?

Setting up an online store can be a daunting task, but this article will get you pointed in the right direction.


The basics of e-commerce and your site

To setup an e-commerce store you'll need to work with:

  • Products - the items you want to sell in your store.
  • Payments - the process of getting money from store customers to you, the store owner.
  • Orders - orders result from a customer making a payment for a product.
  • Shipping - the process of delivering products to customers.

Setting Up Your Store

Click on the Main menu icon and then click Store.

The first time you open your store page you'll be taken to the Store Setup window to guide you through the setup process.

Basic information

  1. Click Add basic information, this will take you to a page where you can add essential information about your store, you will need to make sure this is as complete as possible.
  2. Give your store a name in the Store name field. (This name will be shown on the store page and other places on your website.)
  3. Type the Store email address in the appropriate field. You will receive notifications about new orders at this address so it's important it is one you check regularly.
  4. Once you have filled in the relevant fields click the save button to return to the setup process.



Add a payment method

In order to accept payments from your customers, you will need a payment method, there are a few you can choose from.

Choose a payment option for selling products.

  1. From the Main menu click Store.
  2. Click Payment.
  3. Select one of the available payment methods.


We offer two ways to receive payment from store customers:

  • Stripe - take credit/debit card payments.
  • Paypal - take payments from PayPal accounts and credit/debit cards.

You only need to set up one payment method.

  1. Click Store.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In the left menu list, click Payment.
  4. Click either the Connect with Stripe or Connect with PayPal to select your payment method.


Once you have completed the set-up process, your store may be unavailable for up to five minutes.



Managing payment methods

Click the three dots at the right side of the payment providers list to amend or remove the payment method.



Add shipping options

Before you can send products to customers you will need to specify one or more shipping options.

On the Store settings page, click the Shipping tab.

Shipping page

This page will show the following fields, which need to be completed:

  1.  Shipping rate name is the title that will appear when the customer selects a shipping option. It should be something a customer can easily recognize.
  2. In the Courier text box, type the name of the company that will provide the shipping services.
  3. Use the Destination country text box to indicate the destination country for which this shipping option applies.
  4. The customer charge for shipping must be added in the Shipping Costtext box.
  5. Select the Apply rate based on weight switch to the on position if required, and choose the correct Weight range (optional) if you ship product where shipping costs vary by weight (or type a weight range here). Leave the switch to the off position if weight does not impact shipping.
  6. Click the Save button when you are finished.


The default unit for weight is Grams. This can be changed to Kilograms, Pounds or Ounces. Go to Store settings and select the Currency & Format tab.



Adding products to your site

Before you can take your store online you need to add one or more products, to do this click the Add products option from the store setup checklist.


  1. Click Add product.

Add product information - titles and descriptions

A good product title is short and descriptive. Product descriptions can be as detailed as you like. Product description content can be formatted using the formatting toolbar.

The minimum amount of information required to add a product is:

  1. Type a product title in the Product title text box.
  2. Type your product description in the Description text box.
  3. Select an image to be added in the Images text box.
  4. Type the product’s price in the Price field.
  5. Click Save when finished.



Should I use product variants? If you are selling multiple versions of a product (e.g. red, blue and green t-shirts in small, medium and large sizes) you will probably want to use variants.


Categories and tags

It's a good idea to add categories and tags to your products to make it easier for your website visitor to find what they are looking for.

You can preview how a product will look on your website at any time by using the Edit/Preview switch in the bar at the top of the page.



Publishing/Launching your store

It can take time to setup a store and get everything ready for launch. In the meantime, your store will stay hidden until you click the Publish storebutton.

  1. Click on Store from the Main menu.
  2. All information within the Store Setup section must be completed before you can Publish your store.

  3. After you have published your store for the first time, publish your site.


Once you have published your site, your store will automatically update so you don't have to republish your site every time you add a new product or make a change to an existing one.