How do I change templates on my website?

Here's how to change templates on your website using our Website Builder product.  Login to Your Account to access the website builder under Websites, Email & Security.


Let's get started - Choose a template

To view templates by category, just click on the Categories drop-down on the top right-hand corner. Templates in that category will be displayed on the screen.

Choose the one you like best and, remember, you can always change it later.

Preview the selected template

  1. Choose a template and select the Preview button to preview it. The template will show in your website builder window.
  2. If you wish to view other choices, click in the upper left-hand corner of the window Back To All Templates. You will be returned to the template picker window.
  3. If you like the choice and wish to use it, click the Use This Template button in the upper right-hand corner of the window. This will become your Homepage. 



Dare to publish

By now blood, sweat and tears have gone into designing your site. Well not really, we know it was a lot simpler than you ever imagined creating a website would be (don’t worry we’ll keep your secret). It's go-time! When you’re ready click Publish (we dare you).



Set your preferences 

Once you publish your site it will be visible to everyone. If you want to publish and continue working on it without anyone seeing the changes you are making you can navigate to the Manage tab and Site status. Here you have the option to set your Site visibility to Online, meaning anyone can see what you have published or Offline which will show a Site Under Construction page to anyone who visits.