Recommended Performance Optimization

To further increase the performance of a website using the Cloudflare® global network, additional performance features may be enabled like auto minification of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files or asynchronously loading JavaScripts using Rocket Loader™ to render webpages faster providing a better experience for visitors.

The following are recommended performance features that should be enabled. These features may be enabled using the Cloudflare Speed dashboard app:

  • Enable Image Resizing automatically resize and store images according to website layout and visitor's screen size.
  • Enable Polish™ by choosing between lossy or lossless compression of website images.
  • Enable Auto Minify of JavaScipt, CSS, and HTML files.
  • Enable Mirage™ to improve image load time performance for mobile devices.
  • Enable Rocket Loader™ to load JavaScripts asynchronously.
  • If there is dynamic content being served to visitors from a busy website, enabling Railgun™ is recommended.

Some performance features may require the upgrade to SWA Pro.