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What to do with SSL Certificate Files

There are a few elements that make up an SSL certificate. The information needed from your SSL certificate will depend on your type of web server.

How to Get Your SSL Certificate Files

Once your certificate has been issued you will be emailed the certificate file by Sectigo, the Certificate Authority. You will also be able to login to your 101domain account and download the file. 

How to Decode the SSL Certificate Files You are Given

Depending on where you are hosting your domain name, each hosting provider requires different formats of your certificate for installation. In an attempt to make this simpler for you we have given you the option to download the SSL certificate as separate file types: the cert and the private key.

The cert file will look something like this, with a block of encoded text in between:


What is the Private Key Used for?

The private key is stored on the server and used to create a secure connection. Your private key should be kept a secret to ensure nobody else can decrypt information transmitted in the server exchange, such as when a site visitor fills out a form with personal information. It should never be exposed to your SSL provider or outside users unless specifically requested by your web host for installation. Please note if the private key is lost or deleted, you will have to make a new CSR and private key on your server.


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