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Troubleshooting SSL Certificate Issues

While simple in principle, SSL Certificates, particularly the more complicated ones, can throw some technical issues. Check here for some common problems and resolutions.

Why is my browser not showing the green padlock/green bar?

Sometimes a website will still show as non secure (not showing the green padlock/green bar) even when the SSL certificate has been installed properly. There are several reasons why this could be occurring.

Common reasons why this could be occurring

  1. Mixed Content (a majority of the time)
    This means there could be insecure elements on your site being explicitly linked by HTTP. Even though SSL has been activated on your domain, some resources used on your site are not secure. For example, URL's to images that use HTTP, parts of your theme, etc. We see this commonly in WordPress sites. You can fix it by setting up the redirect to HTTPS and/or installing a plugin called Really simple SSL. Check the guides below for instructions.
  2. Incorrect Certificate
    Sometimes your old expired certificate or an incorrect certificate provided by your hosting company is installed on your site. You will need to identify the source of the incorrect certificate and contact that party to resolve the issue.

Setting up the redirect to HTTPS

Even though your site is served over HTTPS, visitors can still access your site using HTTP. If you want to make sure that your site always shows secure and is only accessed through HTTPS, you need to create a redirect. Check these WordPress Beginner's guides for step-by-step instructions on how to fix common SSL issues.

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