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Setting up Squarespace Records

Linking your Squarespace site to a domain using 101domain's name servers is relatively easy and this guide will help you walk through the process.

This guide will use the records found within this guide from Squarespace:


  1. Ensure that you've added your domain name to your Squarespace account.

  2. Navigate to your 101domain account, click on Manage Name Servers, Choose your domain, choose, "I want to edit my name server records", and click continue

  3. Delete any existing A records that match the domain name and WWW by clicking the trash can button to the right

  4. Add your four (4) "A records" 

    1. At the top line next to New Record, ensure the subdomain box is blank

    2. Ensure the type is set to A

    3. In the box on the right for 'Value', enter the first IP,

    4. Click Save to the right to add finish adding your first record

  5. Repeat step 4 and add the remaining A records from the chart below:

  6. Add your CNAME record for WWW

    1. At the top, change the record type to CNAME

    2. In the subdomain box to the left, enter www

    3. In the box to the right for value, enter

  7. Add your CNAME record for verification

    1. At the top, ensure the record type is set to CNAME

    2. Return to your Squarespace account to get your unique verification record

    3. Enter the unique code into the subdomain section

    4. In the box to the right for value, enter

  8. After changing your records, return to your Squarespace DNS Settings, and click Refresh below the records.

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