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Restrict an Account By IP Address

Add additional security settings, protect your account by restricting/defining the IP Addresses it can be logged in from.

IP Account Lock works at the account level to let you determine which computers or computer networks are able to access your account. Found under Security from My Account, this advanced feature shows you any current addresses that are allowed and provides means to add new ones. After you log out, your next login attempt can only be made from one of the registered IP addresses.

For advanced users only

Do not use this feature if you are unsure of what you are doing to avoid locking yourself out of your account!


  • Account level access control.

  • Adds a FREE layer of protection to your account.

  • Specify up to 5 static IP addresses which may access your account.

Good for limiting employees to log in from the office and not from home, allowing access to only your trusted network(s), or preventing someone from gaining access through your computer on an untrusted network or public wireless network.

Only works for STATIC IP Addresses. If you have a DYNAMIC IP Address, you will not be able to use this feature. If you are unsure of your settings, contact your internet service provider.


  1. Login to your account.

  2. Select the My Account button which can be accessed via the Welcome drop down (top right-hand corner of the navigation menu).

  3. Select IP Access Lock in the Security section.

  4. Specify up to 5 static IP addresses that may access your account.




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