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Plesk Hosting Email Service Limits

Incoming Message Limitations

There are (2) types of incoming message limitations:

  1. Maximum 20MB message size. Incoming message over 20MB will be bounced.
  2. The amount of disk space allocated to each mailbox. If your mailbox fills up, incoming messages will be bounced. It is your responsibility to review and understand your user and account settings for limiting total disk usage and warning message notifications to prevent this from occurring.

Outgoing Message Limitations

In order to prevent SPAM and the abuse of the SMTP outgoing mail service, the following outgoing message limitations are in place. We reserve the right to modify these controls from time to time as we feel is necessary to maintain the integrity and performance of the Hosting Services:

  1. SMTP Relay quotas per-mailbox. 100 recipients per hour; 500 recipients per day
    When you exceed this threshold, you will be denied the ability to send email until the following hour OR day, depending on which threshold you have exceeded. You will receive a connection error message when attempting to send that will say "Daily delivery limit exceeded" or "Hourly delivery limit exceeded".
  2. SMTP Relay quotas per-domain. 5,000 emails per week.
    When you exceed this threshold, all email messages sent from any email account configured with the Hosting Services will be denied the ability to send email until the following week. If the threshold is exceeded, users attempting to send email will receive a connection error stating "Weekly delivery limit exceeded".
  3. SMTP Relays though the use of web forms. 100 recipients per hour; 1,500 per day.
    If a domain name using any web-based forms exceeds either of these thresholds, additional messages sent will simply be discarded until the following hour OR day, depending on the threshold exceeded. The Plesk administrator for the Hosting Services will receive a courtesy email notifying them that the threshold has been exceeded.
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