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How to Generate a CSR on Webmin Server

How to Generate a CSR on Webmin Server

1. Log in 

Log in to the Webmin interface through your browser.

2. Navigate to the Terminal

In the left pane, click on the Terminal symbol or press Alt+K.

3. Paste the OpenSSL Command

Now the Terminal screen will pop up on your screen. You’ll need to paste in the below OpenSSL command to generate the CSR as well as the Private Key.

Don’t paste the command below verbatim. Make sure to adjust the bold part of the command according to your domain.

detasudo openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout /etc/ssl/ -out /etc/ssl/ -subj /C=US/ST=Florida/L=Saint Petersburg/O=Rapid Web Services/OU=Support/CN=yourdomainname; cat /etc/ssl/yourdomainname.csr

/etc/ssl/ Path

C: 2-digit country code

ST: Write the full name of the state. For example, Florida.

L: Write the full name of the city. For example, New York

O: Write the full name of your organization without any special characters. If you want to issue an OV or an EV SSL certificate, you must write the legal name of your organization.

OU: Name of the department (e.g., Marketing Department)

CN: or Include an asterisk if you’re planning to use a Wildcard SSL certificate (for example: *

4. Upload the CSR 

Now the CSR will be generated. Copy all the text including:


After you have received your CSR, return to your 101domain account and upload your CSR or paste in your CSR code.

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