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Expiration Date for Domain Renewal Not Updated After Payment

For automated domain name renewals, the system updates throughout the day. You will see the new expiration date when the system is updated.

Many international domain registries do not allow for early renewal, but the domain name will be put into the renewal queue. Please check back closer to the expiration date to ensure the renewal has been processed. At or near the renewal date, you will see the new expiration date.  Feel free to contact us at any time via support ticket and we will gladly provide you with the renewal status.

Because the expiration date has not yet been updated in our system, you will continue to receive automated emails from us indicating your domain is expiring. These notices will stop once the expiration date is updated in our system.

To verify that payment has been received for your renewal, you may view the Paid Until date in your account under the Domains Names tab. This date indicates the date through which your domain name is paid. If you do not see your updated expiration date, the renewal either has not yet been processed or cannot be processed until a later date. 

Our system will not update your domain expiration date until the domain name is actually renewed with the registry. Please refer to our Domain Name Registration Agreement for more information.

To ensure your domain name is renewed on time, it is recommended that you set your domain to auto-renew by logging into your Account Manager and setting it to auto-renew. Your default billing account on file will be automatically charged 60 days prior to your expiration date for the renewal fees.



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