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Configuring Default Name Servers

You may set default name servers so that future domain registrations will be preset with these name servers. Your new domain registrations will use these name servers unless otherwise specified.

Changing the default name servers does not change your current registrations. It will only affect the registrations made after the default name servers are set. You may change the name servers of your current registrations from Domain Management.


  1. Login to your account.

  2. Under your "Welcome" name, select My Account

  3. Choose Configure Default Nameservers

  4. To activate, select the Enable Default Nameservers option

  5. Enter at least two name servers you wish to use

    Any nameservers that surpass the limitations of the registry supporting your domain registration will not be included in its registration.

  6. Click Set Nameservers to confirm your entries

Your default name servers have been set for the account. All future registrations will be preset with these name servers. 

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