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Auto-Renewal Policy Settings Explained

Our Auto-Renewal feature is a courtesy for you, our valued client. Auto-Renewal builds a cushion of time into the renewal process. Auto-renewal will be charged from your default billing account 60 days prior to the domain's expiration date. This ensures that should anything go wrong (eg: billing failure due to an expired card, problem with the registry, etc.) there is still time to resolve the situation without the domain expiring.

When a Domain is purchased, Auto-renewal is enabled. If Auto-Renewal is disabled, the domain may expire.  In this instance, a redemption fee may be required in order to renew the domain.

If you do not renew your domain in time or within the grace period, it enters Redemption Grace Period (RGP). The fee covers the cost of returning the domain to you. In order to return the domain to you and renew it at this stage, you need to pay the redemption fee of $150 in addition to any applicable registration or renewal fees.

Managing Your Account's Auto-Renewal Settings

  1. Login to your account

  2. Select “Welcome Account Name” in the upper right side

  3. Select “My Account” from the drop-down menu

  4. Select " Auto Renewal Settings”

  5. On this page you can

    • Toggle the appropriate settings as desired

    • Deposit funds

    • Select the credit card to be associated with Auto-Renew

By following the above steps, Auto-Renewal may be enabled or disabled for all domains and services within an account. Auto-Renewal may also be enabled for all new orders through these settings. Any available account credits may also be used for Auto-Renewal payments by clicking the toggle button for "Use available credit for all Auto-Renewals". 

For additional information on the renewal and redemption process, please refer to our terms and conditions (Section 19: Renewal and Expiration of Services).


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