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Manage Your Domains

Edit your domain contacts, renew your domain, add Private Registration, Name servers, DNS, web forwarding etc.

  1. General »

    1. What is the difference between a domain name and a website?
    2. Create a website for your domain?
    3. Create an email account for your domain?
  2. Domain status »

    1. The status of my domain is 'Transferred' why?
    2. The status of my domain name is 'New', why?
    3. The status of my domain name is 'Pending Approval', why?
  3. Documents »

    1. Why do I need to provide these documents to register a domain name?
    2. How do I submit documents necessary to register my domain name?
  4. Domain lock / unlock »

    1. What does domain lock mean?
    2. How do I unlock my domain?
    3. Why do I need to unlock my domain?
  5. Domain contacts »

    1. How do I update the contact information for my domain name?
    2. Can I add default domain contacts?
    3. How do I update the Registrant Contact of my domain name?
  6. Domain renewals »

    1. How can I renew my domain name?
    2. What does auto-renew mean?
    3. Is it possible to renew my domain names automatically?
  7. Domain transfers »

    1. Steps to transfer your domain name?
    2. What is an Auth/EPP code?
    3. What is a Registrar Lock?
  8. Web forwarding »

    1. What is Web Forwarding?
    2. What is Masked Forwarding?
    3. How do I forward my domain name?
  9. Private Registration »

    1. How much does Private Registration cost?
    2. How do I add Private Registration to my domain name?
    3. Can I add Private Registration to existing domains in my account?
  10. Trustee Services »

    1. What are Trustee Services?
    2. How do Trustee Services work?
    3. Can I add Trustee Services to any domain name?