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How do I transfer my domain name?

Unlike many domain name registrars, we support domain transfers for nearly every kind of domain name in the world, whether it's a .COM name or something more complex. If we sell it, we can transfer it in.


Follow these easy steps to transfer a domain name from another registrar:

  1. Prepare your domain name(s) for transfer.
    • Ensure your Administrative contact information is correct and accurate on the domain name.
    • Ensure Private Registration is disbaled [you cannot transfer a domain name to another registrar with Private Registration enabled]
    • Disable your domain name's Domain Update Lock
  2. Submit and pay for your domain name transfer request.
    • Navigate to our Domain Transfers page and enter/paste the list of domain names you wish to transfer into the transfer form.
    • If you have authorization code(s) (sometimes called EPP codes), enter here, during checkout, or later on.
    • You will be charged and your domain name will automatically be renewed for an additional year.
    • Configure your domain name settings during checkout and configure add-ons such as WHOIS Privacy and web hosting.
  3. Follow the instructions sent to you by email.
    • In most cases, unlocking and authorization code is all that is necessary and the process will complete automatically within 5 days.
    • If the process differs to transfer in your particular domain name, our system will inform you with clear instructions after you've submitted the request.

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