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  • Get started with domains

    Within this section we explain about Domain Names, ccTLD's, ICANN fees, Private Registration and various other items tha

  • Get started with a website

    Learn how to plan your website, add an online store, publish your website and the various plans we offer.

  • Get started with email

    Set up your email account, choose a plan that matches your needs and upgrade as you grow.

  • Getting started with hosting

    Learn how to set up hosting for an existing domain and the various options available.

  • Account overview

    Manage your domains, email, websites, hosting, billing information from within our easy to use account manager.

  • Account access

    How to login to your account, reset your password, change your account email address etc.

  • Account management

    Learn how to change your username and update contact information.

  • Account security

    Edit or change your security questions, settings and learn how to prevent your account being hacked.

  • Billing

    This section covers the various questions you might have around billing. Learn how to edit your billing information, cre

  • Refunds

    Learn how to get a refund and how long it takes.

  • VAT

    Within this section we explain what VAT is and why it is being charged, how to change or add additional VAT numbers to y

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  • General

    Learn how to create a website and email account for your domain, add hosting and various other questions your might have

  • Domain status

    Within this section we explain the meaning of the various domain name statuses you may see in your account.

  • Documents

    Learn how to submit documents required to register your domain and why they are required.

  • Domain lock / unlock

    Information on domain lock, what it means and why it is required.

  • Domain contacts

    Learn how to update your domain names' registrant, administrative and technical contact information updated.

  • Domain renewals

    There are two types of domain renewals, auto-renew and manual renew...

  • Domain transfers

    Information on transferring domain names.

  • Web forwarding

    Use Web forwarding, also known as URL forwarding, to point a domain name or multiple domain names to an existing Website

  • Private Registration

    Private Registration offers a premium service to domain name registrants to protect their personal information from bein

  • Trustee Services

    Trustee Services offer a simple and worry-free process for domain registrations.

  • DNS

    DNS, which stands for domain name system, controls your domain name's website and email setting.

  • Nameservers

    Information on updating your name servers

  • Manage your website

    Learn how to renew or upgrade your website, add/change the domain name, and access your website editor.

  • Creating / building your website

    Learn how to create your website, change a templates, start and online store, set up your blog and add Google Analytics.

  • Email account

    Learn how to add an email account, assign domain names to your mailboxes, reset your password, setup your email on Smart

  • Email forwarding

    This section will help you understand what email forwarding is, how to set it up, how to remove it and understand any li

  • Hosting overview

    Learn how to upgrade your hosting account, renew your web hosting or cancel your hosting account.

  • Plesk

    Learn how to access your hosting panel, add a new domain, publish your website and manage your DNS Zone records.

  • cPanel

    Learn how to access your hosting panel, add a new domain, publish your website and manage your DNS Zone records.

  • SSL

    All you need to know about SSL certificates, the most suitable option for you or your business, how much they cost, what

  • Registering TLD's

    This section will help you understand if a domain name regsitrations is automatic or not, what documentation is required