Activating a New Google Workspace Service when Prompted for a Transfer Token

When a Google Workspace subscription is purchased, our system will attempt to activate the subscription as a new order.

During this process, Google may show that your domain is already listed with an existing Google Workspace account.

If this happens, you will be prompted to enter a transfer token to transfer the existing service into our control. From this point forward, it is the domain owner's responsibility to work with Google directly to proceed with the activation or transfer process.

If you, or someone in your organization, already created a Google Workspace account with your domain, try resetting the administrator password and then retrieving the transfer token.

If you recently purchased the domain, and have no knowledge of the existing account:

  • Submit a request to Google to have the account deleted
  • A support representative from Google will contact you within 48 hours and may ask you to prove domain ownership by adding a DNS record. 
  • Once the old account is deleted by Google, please contact our support team and request that they restart the activation process for your services.
  • More information can be found in Google's Help Center, under "This domain is already in use".