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What is Private Registration and do I need it?

Typically when you register a domain name, your contact information is publicly available. Private Registration offers a premium service to domain name registrants to protect their personal information from being displayed in the public Whois. You control who reaches you and when.

NOTE: Some TLDs do not allow you to add Private Registration. We restrict you from adding Private Registration to the domains that don't support it.

What information will be displayed for my domain name?

When you choose our Private Registration Service, your personal contact information will be private and your Whois information replaced with Digital Privacy Corporation's information. This will stop all unwanted emails from spammers and advertisers, and still keep you in touch with potential customers and partners!

Private Registration will help you

  • Keep your personal and family information private
  • Eliminate domain related spam
  • Prevent domain name hijacking
  • Block harassers and stalkers
  • End data mining
  • Shield legitimate business endeavors

Private Registration will protect

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Email

Check our Private Registration product page for pricing and additional information. 


How do I add Private Registration to my domain name?

To enable Private Registration service for your domain name, you can either order it during the registration process of your domain name, or you can add it later at any time to a registered domain. After a successful activation of the service, the Private Registration will be activated.

For existing domains

  1. Login to your 101domain account at my.101domain.com.
  2. Select the Domain Names tab.
  3. Select the domain you wish to activate privacy for.
  4. Within the Private Registration section, click Add Private Registration to this domain.
  5. Select the checkbox confirming that you would like to purchase Private Registration for this domain.
  6. Click the Okay button to confirm and proceed to checkout.


You can always deactivate or reactivate it with a simple click from inside your Account.


How do I disable Private Registration?

  1. Log in to your 101domain account at my.101domain.com.
  2. Select the Domain Names tab, then select the domain name you want to disable Whois privacy on.
  3. Within the Private Registration section, click Disable Private Registration.
  4. Select the checkbox confirming that you would like to disable Private Registration for this domain.
  5. Click the Disable Private Registration button to update these changes.