Renewing Domains Automatically

By enabling auto-renew you avoid loss of service for your domain names/products at renewal time.  Auto-renew is automatically enabled during purchase of domain name, but you should still confirm it within your account.

If you set your domain name to auto renew, your credit card will be billed and domains renewed 60 days in advance of expiration.  Should the charge be unsuccessful, we will notify you by email requesting you to update your payment information. Auto-renew is not available when paying by PayPal, a credit is required.

You may set your domain name or hosting product to auto-renew at the point of purchase. When auto-renew is turned on, your domain name or hosting product will be renewed for the same term each time up to 60 days in advance.You may also set your domain name or hosting product to auto-renew at any time. 


1. Login to your account.

2. Navigate to the Domain Names tab and select your domain name(s).

3. Check to see if auto-renew is enabled. If it is, great! If it's not, click on the Auto Renew slider to enable.

To ensure smooth operation of your domain name renewals, it is highly recommended you set all of your domain names to auto renew.

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