Refund Requests During Domain Grace Periods

Refunds for domain renewals and registrations may be applicable during grace periods. Read below for further information pertaining to Domain grace periods.

Grace periods typically pertain to renewing expired domains without having to incur additional fees. However, there are also grace periods that will permit renewal or registration payments to be refunded as well. Most GTLD's (Generic Top Level Domains) will follow a 5-day grace period - in which, a domain payment can be refunded back to the registrant in the event of an unintentional renewal or misspelled domain name.

CCTLD's (Country Code Top Level Domains) follow a protocol that is implemented by their respective registry, therefore, we kindly ask that any inquiries related to CCTLD grace periods be made via a support ticket within a 101domain account. Please note that refunds for renewal and registration payments are not guaranteed, as they depend on the pertaining registry's protocol.

For any GTLD grace period inquiries, please contact the support team.