Account Verification

At 101domain we make security a top priority. Accounts may be required to verify their billing information if questions arise during processing. This simple step also has the added benefit of establishing your account with us as "Verified".

Limited Account Access

Account access is limited during verification, and will be fully restored by completing verification. This allows access your verification ticket and documents upload prompts. All other areas are unavailable, including: Dashboard, Domain Names, Websites, Email & Security, and Other Services.

There are two actions available: view the support ticket, and uploading any required documents.  If ever you need to return to this screen, click the home icon on the left in the menu.

Documents for Verification

Generally, our request will be to verify the billing information on your account. This will require documentation according to the billing account and the owner of that account. Follow the following steps to provide your documents to complete verification.

  1. Prepare the document to upload in a suitable format (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or PDF file)
  2. Log into your Account Manager at If you are already logged into your account, select the Home Icon from the navigation menu to return to your Dashboard.
  3. The "Documents Required" section lists the requested items to fulfill verification.
  4. Select "Upload" to navigate to the "Upload Documentation" prompt.
  5. Select "Upload New Document" and Browse for the prepared document
  6. Select "Submit" to upload the document for the Verifications Team to review.

The Verifications Team will review the documents within 1 business day of its submission.

If technical difficulties are preventing your document submission, please email [email protected] with your Username in the Subject line and the documents as an attachment.

Document Requirements

101domain does not require all the information on your documents to be displayed. Please follow these guidelines if you would like to submit only what is necessary. The other information provided on the documents may be covered, obfuscated, or otherwise redacted.

Identification Documents including Identification Cards, Nationality Cards, Residency Cards, Driver's Licenses, Driver's Permits, and Passports must display:

  • A photograph of the individual
  • An official document number
  • The full name

Payment Cards including credit cards, debit cards, virtual wallets, and digital cards must display:

  • The cardholder's name
  • The last four digits of the card number
  • The expiration card

Any questions regarding specific situations may be asked by the relevant support ticket.